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Is there someone who can explain how i setup flow in a way that i get todays events from a sharepoint calendar.


I want to create a post in Teams that contain today´s events from a sharepoint calendar.

Is this possible?


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You can do this using the Recurrence trigger. The add the actions to get the Items that you want from your SharePoint list and post the message to Teams.

Yes i am using a recurrence trigger.
I get the items from the list. But i do not know how to filter the items so i only get Todays events from the calendar.

Do you mind showing an example where i extract only todays (for example) 5 events and exclude the events tomorrow and yeasterday.
Those 5 events from today should be put into One post in Teams.

Sure thing, I'll see what I can put together now.

Hi @Oskar Kuus see how you get on with those screenshots as a basic guide. You'll need to do some formatting around the post and make the query dynamic, but it should get you pretty much there.

Ill have a look at this tonight.
I have tho a question.
The filter query in picture 2.
That state the date of today... I mean that this flow should be triggered every day and only post "todays dat" (the date oft the day the flow is triggered)

Is this possible?

Hi Oskar, sorry it's taken me a couple of days to get back to you. Were you able to solve this?


Just in case, yes I hard coded the dates into the query, however you will be able to use expressions instead to pull out and format the date as required. See my screenshot as to where I've used it. The expression looks like this:




Thanks for your reply.

No so far i have not solved this.


I tried this setup and got the following error

  "message""Kolumnen starttid finns inte. Den kan ha tagits bort av en annan användare.\r\nclientRequestId: 0c5623f7-909f-488c-bb89-ef684d79683f\r\nserviceRequestId: ab1c8d9e-4023-0000-202a-36848dfe84d1"


screenshot: http://prntscr.com/ksf2k0

The error is in swedish, but translated it says "column starttid does not exist. It can have been removed by another user....


But if i go to my calendar

I clearly see the column is there and it got the correct name.

screenshot: http://prntscr.com/ksf3cz

You need to use the internal column name, if it is different to startid. To find this, go to list settings and select the column, you will see in the URL at the end the column internal name.

Hi @Oskar Kuus, just to add some additional clarity to @Alan Marshall I've taken a screenshot. The biggest thing that catches people out is the difference between the SharePoint internal name and the display name. I've attached a screenshot that will show where you can check that.

Thank you very much. This made everything work perfectly.



@Matt Weston
I hope you can help me with a thing.
You provided me with this formula to extract "todays" events from a calendar.

EventDate ge datetime'@{formatDateTime(utcNow(),'yyyy-MM-dd')}T00:00:00' and EventDate le datetime'@{formatDateTime(utcNow(),'yyyy-MM-dd')}T23:59:59'

How would i change this one to make it extract all events from todays date and 5 days ahead.
So if it is monday morning. I want to extract all events from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (5 days).

Hi @Oskar Kuus sorry for not replying before now.


There are a long list of expressions that you can combine, just like you would in Excel. To figure out what 5 days are from today, you can use something like this: