Flow condition based on SharePoint file name

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In my case, I want to execute a flow if a specific file in a SharePoint library is modified. If it is, I want it to copy to our local file server. What I expected to be the hard part (getting the File System connector configured) was straightforward. However, the conditional expression that checks the file name is not working as I expect it to. 


In the test case, if the condition is FALSE (i.e. the file name does not match the expected), I am sending myself an email containing the file name. The email sent in the TRUE case is a completely different text. Both the email and the flow check shows me that the FALSE case is the only case executing. 


In the screen shots I've attached, the file name in the condition and that in the email appear to match.  Why is the condition output not TRUE?


When I examine the flow in a test case, the "File Name" output expression is the meaningless to me "R01fTUFTVEVSX0lQLnhsc3g=" -- how do I get there from here?


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I'll answer my own question in case it helps someone else later.


The solution was to add a string variable prior to the condition that has the value of the filename, then using it for the conditional evaluation. 



Does 'Flow condition based on SharePoint file name' require a special license for PowerApps and or Flow or can it be implemented with standard O365 (SPO & Flow) services?

@hilliards - I can't say with complete certainty, as I'm not sure what my particular configuration is (I'm not the O365 admin for our company), but I don't think so.