Flow combine String with Choice Field?


I have 2 Field in List:

- Country ID: Single Line of Text

- Submit Place Type: Choice Field.

I want to Combine 2 Field to another Field Name Product Category. I use expression:

concat(triggerBody()?['Submit_x0020_Place_x0020_Type'], ', ',body('Get_item')?['Country_x0020_ID'])

It worked, but the result is

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 11.37.29 AM.png

What am I missing here? Must I convert the Choice field value type into another type that can combine?

Anh if we use Lookup column instead of Choice Column, is it the same?

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This question was also posted over in the Flow Community and answered there.  Here is a link to the post:


The responder provided the resolution to use the following expression instead to return the choice field Value text:

concat(triggerBody()?['Submit_x0020_Place_x0020_Type']?['Value'],', ',body('Get_item')?['Country_x0020_ID'])