Delete name data from managed column using "Send an http request"

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I'm trying to use Power Automate to reset an approval process and delete the name populated in the "Rejection" column from a previous approval flow. I have followed the instructions at How to clear fields in SharePoint list items using Power Automate (


However I am getting an error "The property 'RejectionStringID' does not exist on type 'SP.Data.Shared_x0020_DocumentsItem'. Make sure to only use property names that are defined by the type."


I have checked the internal name for the Rejection column by going to "Edit Columm" and looking at the site address which confirmed Field=Rejection


I would really appreciate some help!


Step in flow:




SharePoint site





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It was a spelling error (put Sting instead of String)!! Must have checked that 20times without spotting it!