Create a Forms for Excel document with Flow

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Is it possible to create a new document based on the Forms for Excel content type with Flow? I´ve done some testing, but I cannot get a hold of the content type id so that I can use it in my flow. Forms for Excel is one of the modern CT's, and I can´t even create a custom content type from it.


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated :)




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Hi @Maggan Wåhlin 


Can you clarify for me so I can get the scenario right, please?


Are you asking if there's a way to generate a new Forms for Excel using Flow to trigger this new doc/form? If this is so then there's no way that I am aware of to currently do this.


Or are you asking to retrieve the details of the form once someone uses Forms for Excel to create it? If yes, then you can certainly do that which I'm happy to describe if you need it.