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Im trying to turn a paper workflow digital.

It is used to setup new suppliers in our finance system. So, imagine we want to buy software from a new supplier, we need to add them to the finance system so we can raise a purchase order to buy the software.

At present we fill in a PDF form with the name of the new supplier and a description of what they do e.g. "Fred Bloggs Software, GIS software suppliers"

The PDF form is then emailed to the supplier who fills in their details such as bank account details, tax references etc etc.

They then email the completed PDF form to our Finance people who manually type the information into the finance system to set them up...


So how can I do this? Im thinking this:

Form 1: Internal user provides the name of the new Supplier and the nature of their business and an email address for them.  Submits the Form. This creates a record in a SharePoint list. This also triggers an email to the supplier with a link to:

Form 2. The supplier provides their bank details, tax references, address, email address for remittance advice etc. When they submit Form 2 it adds their details to a SharePoint list so that their information is appended to the information submitted in Form 1


 Im thinking I will have to use the unique ID of each record in the SharePoint list to add the data from Form 2 to the data from Form 1 on the same line/record.

Thanks for any thoughts.



P.S the data in the SharePoint list can only be visible to finance staff, nobody else should see the content (bank details etc...)


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@AdamAtTheMuseum as you've realised, you will need to use the ID of the item created after Form 1 is submitted. The flow should send that ID to the supplier who will need to manually enter that ID into Form 2. A second flow is then needed to trigger when Form 2 is submitted. Add a variable or a Compose action to get the ID the supplier entered. Then use a Get item action to get the item in the SharePoint list and an update item action to add in all the bank details.


You should have a second "secure" list where the permissions are locked down to just the finance staff. In your second flow add a create item action and select the columns from the update item section in the dynamic content box. Finally delete the item from the "open" list so that unauthorised staff won't see bank details. We use this concept of an open and a secure list quite a lot and it works well and very quickly. An advantage is also that you will have list of those supplpiers who haven#'t provided their bank details so you could have a third flow that periodically checks the open list and send the supplier a reminder. But of course, as soon as they submit the details it will appear in the secure list and drop off the open list.


Although it's not quite what your flow does, an example showing the sequence of actions is shown below.




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