Auto copy/delete files/trees when files are published/unpublished/deleted

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In my company, each department has a library where the documents are available to all employees.

The documents in this library are originally stored in several other libraries, or even in other locations in some cases.

This requires manual copy and paste, which is tedious and sometimes leads to oversights/errors.


My intention would be to create an automatism that would copy the document from library A to the public library when it is published.


  • Ideally, the file versions (1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc.) should be kept so that all employees can see the modification history.
  • It would also be necessary for the automatism to delete the file if it is removed from the library A, or if it is unpublished.
  • Ideally, the architecture of the document location should also be copied.
    • For example, the published file is in Library A - Folder 1 - Folder 10 - File 100. The automatism should create "Folder 1" and "Folder 10" in order to place "File 100" there.

The idea is really that everything should be automatic to avoid errors.


We thought of activating the option that visitors can see only the major versions. This would allow us to give all employees access to all libraries, but they could only see what is published.

However, this option is not feasible, because it blocks the modification of library documents via Windows Explorer (synchronization of the library using OneDrive). We are therefore forced to access the file via our web browser and then open it via our desktop application.


Here is a schematic of what I am trying to explain:




I'm totally open to find/follow an other way to share these kind of files.


Thanks a lot!


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