using power automate to send results of MS forms not using from authors email

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I just started using power automate, so the "mail" flow is not available. I'm using the office 365 outlook connection. I picked "send email from shared mailbox" and I chose a MS Teams group that I am part of. 

it fails with the error Group Shard is used in non-Groups URI.
clientRequestId: ***
serviceRequestId: ****


(there are numbers for the client and service requestID I just didn't know if they were part of the error code or a guid for my MS teams)


if there is another way to have it send as a generic email address other than using a shared mailbox, that would work also.


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@Jason_B1025 if you can't use a shared mailbox then there is the send an email notification (v3) which will send the email from Microsoft.


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