Updating a Sharepoint Item using JSON

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I need some help updating my JSON code to update a SharePoint Item.  I'm using variables to determine which list to update and need to write the code to create the item to be upgraded.   My list item is of type choice which might be making it more difficult.  Please see the screenshot.Screenshot (2).png 

Inside my compose it simply reads:

"OrderStatus/Value": "ORDERED"


I have tried various ways to reference the SharePoint item being updated but cannot get the Compose portion to accurately reflect the item when updating.  Please note the SharePoint List item is of type "choice" called Order Type.  Which I assume makes in an array and refencing as such is most likely my issue. Any advice on how to properly format and create my item to update would be appreciated. Thanks 



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Hey, i know this is an old post, but for others looking for the correct method using the above:

(You can skip the Compose step as it provides no actual purpose, simply paste the JSON directly into the "* Item" field)

"OrderStatus": {
"Value": "ORDERED"


Thank you. This helped me out.