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Dear community,


I need your help : I'd like to use SharePoint List with some custom automatization but I don't know if this is possible and what kind of functionnalities can suit to my need  ?


My database is used to trace "short name code" (3L code) to assign to people when they arrived (First name, Family Name, Area, Arrival Date, Departure Date, Status, VISA, Historical VISA)


Short name code can be in duplicate only in a specific case (inactive user) :
Since I have the info of departure date :

-When there is a value, the status should move automatically from "active" to "left". 
-When the value is > 1 year (vs Today), the status should move automatically from "left" to "inactive".

With this condition, the specific case for duplicate is : I can't enter duplicate for active/left user.

Is it possible ? How ?


-Bonus : I'd like to suggest 3L code suggestion during the form part, based on availibility and creation rule (like below)
ex : Gin Germa = GGE or GGI or GNG (CGE is already used, then it proposes me GGI).

Is it possible ? How ?


Thank you,


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@vvictor I don't think it is possible using SharePoint out of the box list functionalities.


You will have to use the custom solution. Check if you can achieve your requirements by customizing list forms with Power Apps:

  1. Customize a Microsoft Lists or SharePoint form by using Power Apps 
  2. Customize a form for a SharePoint list 

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