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We have a Sharepoint site (Intranet) and we want to add Power App webparts. These apps will have lists as data source, and these lists are in the site, but I wonder if we should create the lists on a separate site, each list on a different site.  There will be around 20 power apps, each one with at least 1 list.

What is the best practice?



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@vmmegias at my company it depends on owner permissions: if the owner of the list doesn't have  owner/edit permissions on the intranet then the list goes on a separate site. But if the owner of the list also has owner/edit permissions on the intranet then we put the list on the intranet. For this reason they are usually on a separate site.


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Well, best practice is do not create data silos. One instance of the List should be sufficient, and you could create your App directly from the site.

Thank you @SaniGarba , 


I mean, my doubt is if those lists should be in a different site instead of the main site. Not duplicate.



I think it should be more about permissions rather than the sites. You could maintain the List within one site and configure permissions and user groups according to your need. Make a quick check on Office 365 user groups and permission levels in SharePoint.

I like to treat my apps like a solution package. One PowerApp = One SharePoint site with lists. This makes it easier to move the app if needed, for instance to a new intranet site in the future :). Also, it´s easier to keep track of permissions as your app users might have different permissions on the list than on the intranet site.

You can have your lists in different sites/sub-sites. An App can have various data sources that include two or more of your Lists wherever they reside, but users of each App MUST have the same access permission to those data sources used in the Apps that they have right to use.