Request sign off option works intermittently

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Hi All ,


When i select an item in a library and click "Request sign off " option under flow button , it is not loading most of the time and showing "Something went wrong error" .


It rarely loads 1 out of 10 times . This is the behavior for all the users . Can you please assist on this .

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Hi @Deleted 


@Kerem Yuceturk from Microsoft may be able to assist as he's posted a Blog on this new feature last month.


You can read about it here:


Hope that helps give you a lead on the issue!




@DeletedWe have similar issues. I set it up on 2 lists and tested the initial setup. Worked fine. A colleague tried to use it and it was missing from the Flow menu. Reviewed the other list and confirmed it didn't load in the menu there either. Created a brand new simple list and enabled the feature. No joy. A few days ago it saw it, but it's gone again. You can't use a feature that doesn't work!!