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I want to use a new submission on a Form I created to send emails to a specific individual in my organization if there name is selected in the Form.  I have tried multiple different triggers and actions within Flow to try to make that happen.  None of them have worked successfully.  Can someone help me figure this out?  I have watched the tutorials online and they do not address anything like this.



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Unless someone comes along with something better, you might be looking at a series of hard-coded conditionals where you send an email to a person based on the response that resembles them, (i.e., if John Doe, then email, else, move on to next person). This is obviously not ideal, but is the only option I see using Flow and Forms currently, unless someone heroically swoops in with a better method.



Thanks, I have tried that and have been unsuccessful with that process at this time.  

Can you define unsuccessful? I can't help you if I don't know what issues you're running into.

You could lookup the name using the office 365 profile connector and get the email address. Alternatively create a list in SharePoint and lookup the person there and retrieve an email address from another field.

@Alan Marshall, you mean something like this?Capture.PNG

Something exactly like that

Sorry, I was going to do a picture of what I have done, but my school computer would not allow me to.


I am using my Form.  Then I have tried to use one of the prebuilt Flows to send an email notification.  It would not do what I wanted.  I tried creating my own triggers through Flow, ie when this answer is given send email to specific person, if not go to next name and send email.  That has not worked.  It does show a "condition not specified" when I check the functioning.  Does that help?



Do you know if It´s possible to create a custom flow that shows a dashboard or chart with the number of answers in a survey created in FORMS?


One of the survey field it will be "number event", and i want to have a field that i fill manually with an number of event and it returns online the number of answers in the survey with that specific number.


it's possible?



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