Questionnaire Generator App : PowerApps used to generate Word document

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I would like to use PowerApps to create a "Questionnaire Generator" tool.


The idea is to use PowerApps to build this user journey :


1. The user should be able to go through the different sections of the questionnaire and to select the predefined questions that he wants to include in his survey

2. For each of the selected question, the user should be able to change the label, to add comment and to make a selection of the items in a sublist of statements related to this selected question (each of this statement item should be also editable)

3. After having selected/updated the questions and the associated sublist of statements, the user should be able to save the data and to generate a Word version of the Questionnaire built in PowerApps using a Word document template

If possible the idea is to use Sharepoint list, PowerApps and PowerAutomate.


Does this seem possible to you?

Can you tell me how you would do that?

What would be the right approach?


Thanks ! 


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