PowerApps forms stuck loading

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Anytime anyone in my organization publishes a PowerApp today it will no longer load.  It gets stuck on the screen with the moving dots that shows it is loading but does not open the form.  We have tried it in two site collections and have had the same results.  Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Does it open fine in studio? Is it just the web version that has issues? Did you try it on all browsers? Can you try incognito or private session and see if it works?

I have tried all browsers and I get the same response.  I did not try publishing from studio as it is just PowerApps integration as a SharePoint Form that seems to be the problem.  Attached is a example of the screen they get stuck on after being published and you try to open them in the list.  Capture.PNG

This is a bug introduced Friday in the latest POWERAPPS build


Read about it here