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I've used the IT Asset Manager template in MS lists for my company.  When I add info into the 'current owner' column I'd like a form to be sent to that person, (with the specific pre-populated info from the list) so they can sign and approve they have received those particular assets assigned to them.  Is this possible?

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@sarahtransistor You can send email notification to users if their name is added in one of the columns while creating a list item using Rules feature in SharePoint/Microsoft Lists.


Check this article for more information: Rules in SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 

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@sarahtransistor you can certainly do this except for the Forms part as in Microsoft Forms it's  not possible to pre-populate anything in Forms. Instead use an approval flow in Power Automate:



1. In the flow trigger select custom value and paste in your list address then select your list name:



2.  Add a get changes for an item or a file (properties only) action. For the Since field you can either select Trigger Window Start Token or turn on list versioning for your list and add the following expression into the Expression tab of the dynamic content box:




3. Add a condition and in the left field select Has Column Changed: Current owner is equal to true. Leave the red if no channel empty.



4. In the green if yes channel add a start and wait for an approval action as follows. Make sure that Current Owner Email is selected for the Assigned to field.




In this example I added myself as the current owner.



The first time you run this it takes a few minutes to trigger but then the current owner receives the following adaptive card email where they just select their response, add any comments and click submit. The adaptive card then closes and displays their response, which means they can only do this once.




You could add follow-on actions to record their response, response date and comments in your list. But this is probably enough for now to get you started.


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