Is there an official documentation about the maximum file size that can be converted from HTML to PD

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i want to pass some HTML from power apps to power automate. and then to convert the HTML to PDF. now i found this OneDrvice connector @


So i can create an html file using OneDrive connector's create file action >> then convert it to PDF using the Convert file OneDrive connector action, as follow:-






i found a lot of videos which say that the convert action can only convert files which have their size less than 2 MB.. but inside Microsoft documentation there is not any documentation which talks or mention such a limitation.. so can anyone advice if there is actually such a limitation when converting html file to pdf using OneDrive connector? if there is such a limitation, then what we can do if we want to convert large HTML files to large PDF files, in our cases some files might have a size of 10 MB?



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Hi @johnjohn-Peter,

Yes, there is a limitation when converting HTML to PDF using the OneDrive connector. The maximum size for HTML content that can be converted to PDF is 2MB (I found it in other discussions and but not officially) . This limit can be a problem when generating complex documents or where images are embedded within the HTML1.

If you have HTML files larger than 2MB that you need to convert to PDF, you might need to consider other methods or services that can handle larger file sizes. 

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@LeonPavesic i am thinking of using the new feature inside power apps for generating PDF @ seems it allow us to generate PDF directly from power apps without the need to use power automate...