How to send metadata from folder to subfolders/documents

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I'm having folders filled in with metadata (in this case the column 'prijsaanvraagcodes')



I want to add this metadata automatically by using Power Automate to his subfolders and documents:


I think my flow in Power Automate is correct, but I don't know how to get the folder property to the file property:





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I think best approach to use default functionality of SharePoint where you can set different metadata at folder level and those metadata will be automatically set when you upload new documents into that folder. So in this case you even need any Power Automate.


Following are the steps to configure it.


Step 1: Go to library settings and click on "Column default value settings"





Step 2: Select your folder from tree where you want to set default metadata at folder level and then click on the column name




Step 3: Set you metadata which you want to set for each column




Now if you upload any document inside that folder, metadata will be automatically set.





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This is indeed a way how this can work, but I see two "problems" using this method:

1. Every user who creates a folder needs to have the permissions to change the settings. We want to disable this so that the end user cannot change any settings.

2. The value is filled in manually and not by selecting from a drop down. So this means that the can type in whatever they want or can type mistakes. Not good if you want to analyze, filter or search on this kind of data.


So what is the solution if I want to script this by using Power Automate?