How to get Get Attachment into power automate

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I created one Sharepoint list and that list having attachment column. 


I need to get that attachment content and details when any items created or modified into list from power automate.


I tried some flow like "Get Attachment" or "Get File Content" etc. But I got the message file not found so please let me know the step by step for getting attached in power automate. 




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Hi @himanshue2logy,


You need to store the attachment into an array variable and then use the variable for any subsequent action.


"body" is from the "Get attachments" step.

I hope this helps.





How could you go about taking this and putting the attachment contents into, say for example, an email?

Hi @ewaterkotte,

I think it's possible to do but the contents may not render as expected in an email message. It would be a safer bet to attach the file to the email.

I hope this helps.