Delegation Woes - Workaround needed for Filtering on a SharePoint Choice Field

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I have a simple Workforce Task Tracking App I build with a couple custom lists. A key field is the Status column which indicates if a task is Not Started, Started, or Complete. For reporting on each task, I need to pull in a record set of tasks by Status. I am using the phrase below in my formula. I am getting the blue squiggly that that Status.Value is not delegate-able.  Any options to bypass this?


Filter('Store Task Template',Status.Value="Complete")
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Delegation in SharePoint with powerapps is very limited. How I got around this issue is to create another text column on the SharePoint list (ex StatusValue). Then use a Microsoft flow that triggers whenever a SharePoint item is created or modified that will copy the Status value into the newly created StatusValue column. Now in powerapps set your filter to use the StatusValue column.

You may be able to get away without the flow if everyone will be accessing the date from a powerapps. In that case you could just set the StatusValue right from within powerapps.

To get round Delegation woes, I have been adding my SharePoint List information to a Collection within the App. I then use the Collection data within Galleries but, connect the Forms to SharePoint Lists so when you do a select from a Gallery, the Form is already filtered to the correct SharePoint List ID.