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I have created a Flow that sends a task to Planner when a SP-item is created. Now I need to include a clickable link to the SP-item in the Planner description field. How do I achieve this?




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<a href="URL">[Link to item]</a>

@Pablo R. Ortiz, I´ve already tried this and it´s not working. The created Planner item is displaying the link as plain text. I need it to be a hyperlink.

can you share a screenshot of the Planner step in FLOW?
try using quotation marks like "", instaed of '', or not using quotation at all

I tested without the href attribute, the Planner-task shows the following:




It doesn´t seem like the Description-field of the Planner task supports HTML... If I manually add a link in the Planner-task, it will not automatically convert it to a link. This is not good...

I agree with you, I can't seem to add clickable links to planner description

I found this template where it gets the link from SharePoint ítem to Planner. Give it a try.

No luck unfortunately. The Flow actions for Planner is, however, in preview... Maybe this is an upcoming feature.



If it's acceptable enough you could create a link by using the attachment function.

You can find the option underneath the description modification box.

For me it was acceptable enough.


Hope it helps!

Were you ever able to add a clickable link to the Planner Task Description field?

Hi , how did you get the ms planner description field on ms flow logic? Could you share the steps on how to do that please?

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@Maggan Wåhlin 
I have tried many different possible solutions and I have found a workaround that works for me at least, but I hope it will work for you too. Give it a try.

Please give me some feedback about the result as I'd like to know if this is a workaround for me only or I could share this on other forums also. 

1. Click HTML View first. 
2. Add <a href="[Link to item]">Click link</a> to the description 

@Guido Matis I think that is solving a different problem. We were trying to add a clickable link to the description field of a Task that is assigned to someone in a Plan which is not the same thing as adding a link to an email message.

In this case I'm sorry for putting this solution to a wrong article.

@Guido Matis 

Thank you!  I've been searching and trying for hours on end and this worked like a charm.

Thanks. This worked like a charm.

@aha222 @Guido Matis @Dean Gross 


What I ultimately did was to add the link into the References section of the Update task details action. See image below. The link opens the DisplayForm of the SharePoint item.


Sorry for the swedish language, but I think you´ll get the hang of it ;)


2021-05-11 08_39_01-Redigera ditt flöde _ Power Automate.png2021-05-11 08_34_56-Redigera ditt flöde _ Power Automate.png

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