Common data model in Sharepoint Online

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Hi all, just making sure I understood things... If I set up the common data model (say I have a few customers in there) I can use those customers as meta data in Sharepoint Online, and use one of my customers as meta data on a file stored in a document library. Is that correct? Thanks for the help.

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I hope i understand your question right you want to create a List(table) with all your customers so you can reference them in a other List(table)? 


For this you could use a lookup column while creating the second list and add a column choose lookup and select the list with your customers.



Sorry if my question was a bit messy but yeah, you understood it right.


I want a column to look values from another "table", where this table is in the common data model. At least in my tenant I cannot understand how to do that (I can look up a value from another list in sharepoint, no probs).

I wonder if it is a) just not possible now b) not possible now but will be later or c) possible now if you do it in a certain way.


Thanks for your help.

Hi Magnus,


i did a little search and hope this video helps you with your creation:


Hi Paul,



Thanks for this. I want to do exactly this except for when she selects lookup (at 1:45), she has her customers in a SPO list and I have them in the common data model (


I just realized that one way to do it is by doing a flow that sends sends new entries in the common data model to a sharepoint list. This is a decent workaround I guess.