Categorize or Group Flows?

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I'm looking for ideas to organize flows authored by a single user. My organization has become increasingly dependent on the automation Flow provides, and to ensure continuity of these Flows, we rely upon a single generic user owning Flows. This has resulted in our generic user owning several dozen Flows, and we're at a point now where navigating this list of Flows is becoming cumbersome, especially as we allow more developers access to these Flows.


What has this community found effective for Flow management? Is there some way of grouping/categorizing Flows that we've overlooked, or might others use multiple generic users to achieve that kind of grouping instead?

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There is in the planning grouping flows in uservoice . But not sure how long we will have to wait.

Are you referring to this one? Didn't think to look--definitely upvoting that idea.

There are quite a few that relate to the same sort of request; didn't come across this one.

I recommend John Liu's Flowstudio for this task.