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I'm currently trying to create an automated survey using Forms and Power Automate that will be sent via email on a weekly basis. However, I haven't found a way to automate the process of clearing all responses every week, so that the same survey can be reused each week. Does anyone know a solution to this issue?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @esco22 

Creating an automated survey using Forms and Power Automate is a great idea for collecting data on a regular basis. To address the issue of clearing all responses every week and reusing the same survey, you can follow these steps:


Step 1: Create the Survey First, create the survey using Microsoft Forms. Design the survey questions and set up the necessary response options according to your requirements. Save the survey once it's ready to use.


Step 2: Set Up Power Automate Next, open Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow) and create a new flow. Choose the trigger for your flow, which in this case will be "Recurrence" since you want the survey to be sent weekly. Configure the recurrence to run the flow at the desired interval, such as every Monday morning.


Step 3: Add an Action to Clear Responses Now, add an action to the flow that clears all responses from the survey. To do this, search for the "Microsoft Forms" connector in Power Automate and select the "Delete all responses" action. You'll need to provide the survey's unique ID for this action, which you can find in the URL when you are editing the survey.


Step 4: Send the Survey via Email After clearing the responses, you'll want to send the survey to your recipients via email. You can use the "Office 365 Outlook" connector to create an email with the survey link and any additional information you want to include. Customize the email according to your needs, and make sure to include the survey link so recipients can access it directly.


Step 5: Save and Test the Flow Once you've set up the flow, save it and test it to ensure it's working as expected. Make sure the survey is being cleared of responses and that the email is being sent with the correct survey link.


Step 6: Monitor and Review Now, your automated survey should be all set up and ready to run on a weekly basis. Monitor the process for a few weeks to ensure everything is working smoothly. If needed, you can make adjustments to the flow or survey to improve the user experience or data collection process.


By following these steps, you should have an efficient and automated survey system that clears responses each week and sends out the same survey to your recipients. This way, you can collect fresh data on a regular basis without the need for manual intervention. Happy surveying!

Hi @esco22,

alternatively, you could take a look at "MS Teams Updates App".


This is a teams app where you can define forms and send them to users (To request an "Update" from them... hence the name). 
Here you can define a form to automatically be sent to a group of users every week.

Perhaps you don't need to build anything.

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Hi @Lalit Mohan 

Thanks for your replay but I´m stuck at step 3. There is just the "Get response details" action.

Screenshot 2023-07-24 142305.png

By the way my MS Forms Survey has only one yes or no question. The users choose one option and submit it. 


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