Attach a submitted MS Form to an approval process

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I am creating an approval process for a submitted MS Form. Can I attach the submitted form for a manager to review before approving or rejecting.....I used one of the templates but cant seem to see where I can attach the MS Forms....many thanks for any help


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Hi @adam123520 , you can include the form submission detail in the body of the approval.

Hi @jonlake - I would prefer to attach the original MS Form as there is detail in there that needs to be reviewed as part of the a stop gap would you care to show me how?....many thanks

Hi @adam123520 , you can insert the submitted data into an adaptive card. Here is a very useful guide to doing just that. If you want more than a few elements from the submission inserted then I recommend using a compose action.


You can't insert the Form and data as it would have appeared to the person submitting it. The Form is a temporary UI for data capture, and beyond that it's just blocks of data.


One thing to be aware of when handling Form data in a Flow is that all submitted data, even if you have specifically stated that the field is a number, is interpreted as text. You may need to do a little post-processing using expressions if you need data injected into non-text based fields in a list or Spreadsheet etc.

@jonlake ...much appreciate your insight...will give this a go....have a great time over the festive period!!