Archive data from SharePoint online with Metadata to Azure Blob Storage


We are running out of storage on our SharePoint online site and we want to archive our files and folders from SPO to azure blob storage using power automate with moving also the metadata of the files to azure blob storage as well . the aim here is to move the data completely and not just to copy it . 


any help to build that flow on power automate ? 


the flow needs to move the files and folders with metadata that are aged more than 6 months. 


appreciate your help !!!!



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Hello, in the meanwhile, have you already found your answer? I'm asking as this could be interesting solution for us as well. I appreciate any feedback,
the only possible way to use now using the power automate flows. or you have to use a third-party software that have that archiving solution.
Ok, I've been investigating this further and I found something about Microsoft Syntex, which could also be an option. However, I don't see yet what the pricing will be.
you can also archive your data from SPO tenant to another or use the retention policy until Microsoft released any other archiving options reliable to archive data with the metadata along with