approval emails are showing html coding

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I create a power automate workflow for approvals. When the approval request is emailed the formatting shows the plain text html. Is there any way to prevent this? 

In the screenshot, I want to have the emails stop sending the /> for every line.




Thank you for any help!

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The approval request email doesn’t support full HTML and CSS. I hope this link is helping you. 
Use Markdown in Power Automate approval requests.


@khushbu how do I remove the HTML or CSS? I haven't used it in the workflow. Does it appear because of the dynamic content?





Can you send your Autoflow?



@bpattee Can you show us how you have configured your approval action? Did you copy paste the the HTML in approval message content?

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@khushbu Is this what you mean?



The flow is dependent approvals 


@ganeshsanap I did not copy/paste and I did not type the HTML either. I just typed in plain text and used the dynamic content "get response details" to bring in fields from a Microsoft Form. I do not know why the approval email converts the text into HTML when I did not use it or markdown


This is the flow up until the first approval and the settings 







 I replicate your autoflow. whenever submit the form, It triggers my flow then I send the approval email as per below screenshot, It gives the right formatting in the email, without HTML tag. I think it might be some issue in your email setting.