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Hi guys, I have been asked by my boss to create a Annual Leave Tracker. I have gone down the road of using microsoft lists. I have been able to create 2 lists which are connected to one another via Power Automate, so an approve request is sent, reject/approve is requested. Which works great.


I have also made a flow to export the two specified dates into Excel and then calculate the difference between the two dates then, take that result away from the set amount of days available throughout the year.


However, I need to be able to track how many Annual Leave Days the members of staff have remaining, which I have created an Excel spreadysheet to store this information and I also want to be able to put this information into the Annual Leave Status page, see figure 1.2, in a new column, I can make a new column for this and call it Annual Leave Remaining, however, I just do not know how to calculate this based on the difference between the Two dates specified in the Calander. Obviously, these dates can vary, and it needs to be each member of staff specific. I am pretty stumpted at this point.


Don't worry about the names of the columns, I am in the development stage and I am going to change all of this once I can get the day tracker working.


I also do not mind making another list, or making any kind of changes, or even using different apps. If thats what I'd have to do. I just need a bit of guidence with this...


Any Help?!




figure 1.1


figure 1.2

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@fred-at-map-room using Lists in the backend for storing requests and managing leave balances etc is fine but I wouldn't use Excel. Have a look at using Power Apps as the front end with lists as your datasource.  That would give you a more robust system, will look better and impress your manager! There is an annual leave template in Power Apps which should do what you need and plenty of videos on YouTube by people like Shane Young and Reza Dorrani to get you started. Also, have a look at the getting started  with Power Apps section on Microsoft Learn at



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