Why is the Planner group in this Network under Office Apps?

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Why is Planner under Office Apps section in the new network?  Wouldnt it make more sense to be its own top level service?  Or worst case a subgroup under O365 Groups since it is really fits kinda underneath that technology?

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I agree. Video, Yammer, Delve are their own top level groups. Planner is harder to find if it is under Office Apps, which traditionally refer to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote...
With the exception of individual Office apps, if a product has its own tile in the O365 app launcher, shouldn't it also have a top level group in this network?
(PoweBI gets its own entirely different network for some reason.)

Hey Darrell, that is how it is organized now in order to keep things clean. Agreed that 'technically' everything is an Office App, just as PowerPoint, Excel, etc. can be found in the app launcher as well. We are working on finding a way to better surface the groups that are hidden under Office Apps. 

So....that doesnt exactly answer the question.  The "what the general public would deem office apps" are properly located, but Planner doesnt fit in with that.  It isnt a matter of cleanliness or surfacing information (although that is still a huge problem right now).  Planner is just in the wrong place.

If the app/service has an icon in the O365 App Launcher, then it ought to be a top-level section here in the community (e.g. Planner, Sway). That's what people would naturally expect.

Agree with Brent...Planner is not an Office App and should be treated at the same level as Groups or Delve...indeed, since it's very related to Groups it might have sense to put both sections in the same category