Using the same/connected planner on multiple Sharepoint websites

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we are using multiple SharePoint sites (one for each project) in our company. We have a main planner page with all of our "to do"´s. Now I want to implement the "to do" planner on each project website. The only way I found to do this, is to copy this planner on to each website. But now they are independent of each other. Is there a way to embed the Main Planner into the different SharePoint sites, so they stay connected to each other? So for example if we change something in the project page to "task done" so it automatically updates the main planner page?


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Hi @Alexander25,

Here is an idea what you can do to make your idea happen:

  1. Create a Microsoft Team: Head over to Microsoft Teams and create a new team. Add all your team members to it, and don't forget to add the Main Planner as a tab in this team.

    Create a team from scratch in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support
    Use Planner in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support

  2. Add SharePoint Sites: Add project Sharepoint sites as tabs in the Microsoft Team.

    Add a SharePoint page, list, or document library as a tab in Teams - Microsoft Support

  3. Main Planner Magic: In each project SharePoint site, add the Main Planner as a tab. While adding the tab, choose the "Planner" option and select the Main Planner from the list.

    Use Microsoft Planner on your SharePoint site - Microsoft Support

The Main Planner will be right there on each project SharePoint site, thanks to Microsoft Teams. What's even better is that any changes you make in one project site will automatically sync and update the Main Planner.

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