Updating a planner task with FLOW

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I am strating using planner and would like to use planner to help customers to easily follow their tickets.


to do that i would like :

  • to create planner tasks sending an email : OK
  • to Update planner tasks by sendign emails : I do not see how i can do that, because the only way to update or retrieve tasks information is to give planner the task ID.

Is the any way to get the task ID, from task despription, for exemple?






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I found the way : there is just to use the foreach action in flow.

i create the same case , but i found alot of issues .
-update task doesn't work .
-task creation is limited within one plan.
-after around 20 success flow , fail due to limitation in storage , i don't know why
-general limitation in planner
*it doesn't restrict assignee person to change the due data also does't send notification to creator that assignee change time

Hello @Jean-Baptiste JACQUES, is it possible to update tasks directly in Planner from an Excel file ? I created Planner tasks with an Excel file : it works fine. But now I'ld like to update these tasks with actions 'update task details' and 'update task'. I wrote a flow for this : it doesn't work fine. I used 'foreach action' but at the end all actions had all their fields identical !   :\   And it seems not to be a pb of delay between each action.  May you precise how do you do to succeed in your workflow ? Thanks a lot for your response !

Hi @PhilG44 


Did you find a solution to your question? I have been battling for the last few hours to get my planner updated from an excel spreadsheet.


Thanks in advance



Hey guys, Have any of you resolved the issue; I am trying to do the same, update planner tasks from an excel file. cannot find the way.


Thanks in advance,