Updates on Planner and Teams integration?

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Has anyone heard any news on the integration between Planner and Teams? As for now the plans created in Teams are not visible in the Planner hub. We are about to start pushing for the use of these two apps in our organization, but this part will be quite confusing for people I believe. 

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This is really confusing for users. As the plans created from teams are not available in Hub, certain features like rename a plan created from Teams is not able to be performed by users.
Microsoft announced during Ignite that this integration will be made. But no timeline is available.
Santhosh is right...as a workaround to see a Plan crated in Teams in Planner App, you can make use of the ability to open the Plan in the browser

I've tried this, but even though I can se the team plan in my planner hub, it is empty.

When viewed in teams, all our tasks is visible, but from planner hub, it is just an empty plan.


Does anyone have a workaround for that?

afraid the workaround for now, or at least the one we're using, is to create the plans in Planner and not Teams. We're not extensive users, but I did have to go through some months ago and recreate the Plans in Planner. This also gets them to show up in the mobile apps etc.