Track assigned tasks to others (by me)

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Is there a filter or view where you can see all the tasks where you are the creator but not the task-assignée? For example: i create a task that I delegate and want to follow-up somewhere (i.e. track)?


Feel's like creating tasks for others now is a bit of a black hole experience in regards to for example what's possible in Outlook.

Or is the 'Tasks for Planner' tool not the right tool for this? 

Any links to other posts that have similar topic also welcom (did search but didn't find quickly anything relevant)

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@michaelarens Well I guess I'll answer my question myself :grinning_face_with_sweat: Hopefully It'l be usefull for future reference... This is what I found:

When in Teams > Tasks for Planner > hit the three dots in the righthand corner > get helop for the publishing of tasks 


This is a feature that needs to be added to make the application useful for supervisors. I agree with the 'black hole' comment.
its almost un usable if i cant see what people should be working on across an organization.
Thanks, but i dont see how using lists will give visibility to all the tasks ive assigned to various people across projects