Show Notes & Checklist on Cards (Feature Request for Better Workflow)

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I've been using Planner for about a year in a pretty limited way. This year I'm digging into using Planner + Teams + Flows (Power Automate). Things are coming together really well, but I've come across something in Planner that I think could have a value add for the majority.


When adding cards to planner, I'm using them to organize steps in the process of event planning. In order to see items "at a glance", I make use of the "Show on card" radio button for Notes, and sometimes for Checklists".

I've found myself on most occasions wanting to see both the Notes and Checklist items immediately, rather than clicking on the individual card to drill down into more info.

The problem is that "Show on card" is either one or the other (Notes of Checklists), and I can't list both.

Would anyone else find this useful? @Moderator MS is this something we can get added to the requested feature list?


I've included a GIF as an example of the current functionality.

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Curious to know if anyone else would find this suggestion useful?

@AdamWWarneryes, would love for this to be a new feature!

@AdamWWarner please add this to UserVoice if you haven't already - that is our public feature request location for Planner.  I'd certainly find this one useful!

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Yes. I need this. Notably this is a feature in Trello that one can't replicate in planner.

@AdamWWarner Yes I was searching for the same thing. when i tick to show notes on cards it unticks the checklist. why cant it display both?