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Hi everyone,

I've got a Microsoft Teams site and I want to add the Planner app to keep all of our project tasks together. There might be occasions where we need to check what was done on a specific day by going back to view the schedule but as soon as you click the task is complete it disappears from there. Is there a way to get round this?




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I'm afraid the answer is "No" :(

@AMJ_Devon @mathiashc @Juan Carlos González Martín 

This is suddenly working!!! It appeared about a week ago, and the only problem is it turned on for me and one other but not for a third? I can't find a n option to control it. Any ideas?

@Juan Carlos González Martín @AMJ_Devon @mathiashc @shin-yi

I can't believe it! Completed tasks were showing in the Schedule View as green, with a checkmark and a strikethrough. It was glorious! Today it is gone for all users.
Did I witness an accidental release and retraction of an experimental feature?

Sep 2


Sep 4




@AMJ_Devon @Brady1365 @mathiashc @Juan Carlos González Martín Thank you for your feedback! We have enabled a new Filter option (Filter by Progress) and this allows us to show Completed tasks in Schedule and Charts view. Currently this is only available in Planner Web and we will enable it in Teams next.

@Shin-Yi  I am noticing that I can select "show completed" and it allows me to see the completed task.  How long will they be available and do you recommend that we create a COMPLETED Bucket to store them in?

@mking2935 I'm not sure I understand your question on how long completed tasks will be available -- it was always available in Board view and now it's enabled for Schedule and Charts views. Note that this is not an archiving feature. It's really up to you how you want to manage the completed tasks -- you can filter for them so you'll have to think through why you would need to create a "Completed" bucket.