Roadmap for task/bucket deletion permissions?

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We're loving Teams, and really want to integrate Planner to manage task assignment across the teams within our business.  


Planner is almost perfect in it's current version for what we need, with the exception of any team member being able to delete tasks and buckets.  Ultimately, I want standard users to complete tasks but not be able to delete them (or buckets).


On top of that, there's no audit trail to see who deleted a task or bucket.  That's unworkable for us. 


Has the dev team now confirmed this is planned, and when, or is it not accepted as a issue or direction the app will be going?






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Sorry, but at least in the Microsoft Office 365 roadmap is not reflected any kind of feature being rolled out in regards of those requirements. While I expect someone from the Team to add some information here, please check Planner User Voice just in case this idea has been posted there and if that's not the case, please post it

I can see many requests in User voice related to access control. During Ignite Planner session similar question was asked by an user and it was informed that such feature will not be available. Hope I remember correct ;)

uh oh. I've only used planner for my own personal testing purposes, and I didn't realize that anyone could edit/delete anything in a plan. This essentially eliminates Planner from ever being adopted at my office. 


This Uservoice thread seems to have the most votes for this feature, although it hasn't been acknowledged by the mods or development team yet.


Thanks all.  I'll head across to Planner, but it sounds dead.  


Real shame, it looks brilliant and with GDPR looming I am trying to minimise service providers (Trello and task in a Box, for example).  


For the life of me, I can't see why this wouldn't be a critical feature for many organisations...



Far from dead Craig - and a few features just landed and more to come.  I think the team would accept that they haven't been on top of the roadmap updating - but they are pretty active keeping UserVoice updated with their plans - and also reaching out for clarification for some of the suggestions.  I'll remind them of this group too so they can keep an eye on activity here.

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Great Brian!! Thanks for the update :)

Thanks for taking the time to reply, Brian.   I'll head across to UserVoice too. 




Hi, any development regarding the ability of any team member to delete buckets and tasks? I really would like to use Planner but with this "limitation" I seriously cannot....


thanks. José Carlos

Any update regarding the delete permission in Planner for the assigned tasks?
Hope this feature will not be available as Microsoft Planner is wrapped on O365 Groups and there is no such way to have delegate permissions.
Any update on this? We just had an issue where someone deleted an entire bucket. What is the point of collaboration software like this if we can't have simple permissions?

This discussion has been going on for 2 years now. Any news on whether this feature is even on the Teams dev roadmap?

I just downloaded the app for ease of adding items. When I thought I was deleting a task I deleted an entire bucket with one click. Would LOVE a recovery option :)

Unbelievable that people have been asking about this for 5 years, and there's still nothing on the horizon. When I explain to staff that any team member can delete a task, there's no audit log, and no way of recovering it, they look at me with disbelief.