Reorder labels in Planner

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Hello, everyone,


I have two questions for you:


  1. Is it possible to re-sort the labels or rearrange the colors so that, for example, the gray label is at the top instead of the last place in the drop-down menu? At the moment, pink is at the top and I would find other colors more suitable for certain topics. But it is also tedious to scroll all the way down.
  2. In the case of a newly created project, I have to create the label designations again at the moment. Is there a possibility to import already edited labels from another project?

Thanks very much



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1. No, it's not possible
2. No, it's not possible
Hi, do you know if it is possible to add more lables?



1- Open a task.

2- Go to the Label field as if you are adding a new label.

3- From the drop-down list, you will pin an edit icon beside each label.

4- You can use the icon to edit the name for each label.


I'm unaware of a method though to order the labels.


Hope that helps.

Hi, thank you for your message.
I understand how to use the existing labels and how to edit them, but what i was wondering, once we use all the tags on the dropdow, is there a way to add more?