Problems with notification from Planner for Macs

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We are new to using planner, and we are struggling with getting notifications. I created a task, assigned that to me. And my project manger put in deadline and a comment. But I didn't get any notification anywhere. Not mail or teams, is this again a bug for us using Macs? It seems to work for people using windows.


For testing purpose I made a comment in a task I created and assigned to me, and when someone commented on something I already have commented on then I got a notification. But still nothing when deadlines changes. So when my team put in additional info or deadlines are updated we have to notify each other through chat. 

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Hi @YT000,

you can try these steps to resolve your issue:

1. Make sure the Planner app is added to Teams: Please make sure the Planner app was added to the Teams client by admin correctly.

2. Assign tasks to others:
In Planner, if you assign a task to yourself, you may not receive the notification. Therefore, you can try to assign a task to your user, and let them check whether they have received relevant notifications.

3. Check your group settings:
- Select the 3 dots (…) to the right of the plan name, and then select Plan settings.
- In the Plan settings dialog box, select group settings. Under Manage group email, select receive all conversations and events.




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