Prepopulating Planner via a form

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Is there a way use Planner alongside a brief or request form?


It would be really useful for example if a form could be filled by a requestee and based on the data they input this would for example create a new task in a specific Planner and populate some of the fields with the form data. I imagine this would work via Flow but I'm not sure what to use as the form to be able to talk to Planner.


Any suggestions?

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As a form you could use:
1) A SPO List, indeed there are Flow Builtin templaes that does this: create a task a Planner when a list item is filled.
2) A PowerApp built on top of a SPO list
Thank you Juan I will try this out
Petr, did you manage to get this to work and if so how? Thanks
Hi! This is not very hard! Just create a list and form with questions and columns that you also want in the planner! The. Create. New flow where you also create a planner and insert the fields from the list

Thanks Adam