Planner won't talk to Outlook

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I would like Planner and Outlook to both show me the same scheduled tasks/events. However, when I go to the ... menu, the option's not there. I talked with our IT folks about it, and they cannot figure out how to make that option available to me. So, I have to add tasks/events to each app if I want to take advantage of both apps, and, as I try to do so, I cannot imagine why any one would even want both apps if they cannot sync. 





So, I would like to use Power Automate to add my tasks to my Outlook calendar which isn't as good as synching, but, at least I wouldn't have to type them in twice anymore. However, I cannot figure out how to get Power Automate to dynamically set the time and dates to the ones that I have assigned in planner. I get an error message when I use dynamic Start Date Time and Due Date Time, and none of the other dynamic content options work or make any for the Start and End Times.




So, I'd like to learn how to do this in Power Automate, and I'd also like to learn why Microsoft would not include this feature in its ... menu...other than that its Microsoft, and they can do whatever they want even if it doesn't make sense.

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