Planner view within Teams (list/tile)

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Hi folks!


I am struggeling with an odd issue. We noticed something strange with the Planner-tool. The appearance of Planner in my Teams app differs from that of my colleague. We have the same version of Teams ( Mine is 64bit, his is 32bit).





But the appearance is different. While I see a 'list' of elemnts, he only sees 'tiles'.
My view:


His view:


I couldn't find any reason why that is. I couldn't find any 'view-options'. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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I just had remote support session with my colleague where we tried different 'solutions'.

  • We reinstalled Teams (just to make sure) =>Same version (64 bit now): no changes
  • I used my account on his PC: I have a list, he still has those 'tiles', so no changes

So far, it looks like only 2 members of our organisation (me and one other of ~250 users) got that list, others still have tiles

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