Planner, tasks and Notifications.

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I have som general questions about Planner, integrations and notofications. I have read around, including this. Planner and email notofications. And was  more confused, because I dont experience what is described there. 


So just to be sure I got hings right, or if I need to change ssettings here is some questions


1. Do tasks from Planner add tasks to my personal tasks in Outlook?


2. Should I receive a personal email when someone add a Task for me in planner? 

I Do receive emails when my tasks is overdue. Her is ny setup for notifications.

planner notifications.PNG


3. Should the group converastion be updated when new tasks is added, changed? 



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- Geir

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1. no, you can sync your tasks to Outlook though via setting in Planner

2. With that setting, yes! Doesn't have it set myself so can't tell if it's currently working or not!



/ Adam

Thank you Adam,

2, I find how I can add tasks from Planner to my Outlook calendar, but not how to add them my personal tasks in Outlook. Can you advice me where I find that setting?


- Geir

This option is not available in Planner. You can try Flow instead for this customization.

Not yet available! But integration with outlook tasks is in development:



One way that will come in the furture to have your tasks in outlooks is by means of the ToDo and Planner integration so you will be able to work with your Planner Tasks in Planner and I guess also in Outlook

that worked, thank you


- Geir

Thank you, I voted for it..


- Geir