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We use Planner throughout the organization...more for task management than project management.  The filtering and grouping is very useful and would be helpful if those settings could be saved by user.  Often when meeting with a group to review open items, we will filter and/or group tasks.  However, when we move to a different tab and then return, Planner returns to the default setting.

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Yeah! This is the way most tabs works in Teams! I’d suggest clicking the little arrow button up in the right corner to open the plan on the web! Now you have planned separated from Teams

I often have planner open on the web for that reason as I am looking at several different plans altogether. However, when I come in fresh to a plan, it would just be nice to have my saved preferences (i.e. group by Assigned To, not bucket, etc.)

@BillScribner yes, this would be a very useful feature and it is often needed.

I want my filter and grouping be save too.

It would not be so difficult...

@Cartman Same here.  Has anyone seen or heard an update on this feature?

Great suggestion, @BillScribner we too would like to be able to save layout settings for different planners, we use labels extensively so saving a layout by 'group by' would be well received. Thanks

I would also like to see this happen...over 2 years later. ;) I'd like to be able to save the filters and view (list/board). Is this in work?
i don't know the current status, but you can check the state of developement on the Microsoft Roadmap site:


Maybe this excellent suggestion should be labelled 'Teams'. The problem is in the Teams-app, on web it remembers the last group-by and filter. I don't see this feuture being developed in the road map for Teams: 

Can we at least get a create, save, and set default views like in Lists?

@Alex_Jones Yes, Microsoft, please add settings to the To Do List so it can be set to default to "Group by Assigned-To", and to Teams so that Files are shown rather than Posts.