Planner "Conversation" link

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This link (when in a plan, located at the top after schedule) takes you to Outlook groups, seemingly an old product that nobody uses and doesn't flow with Teams conversations where most conversations should be happening.


Shouldn't this link open the Microsoft Teams equivalent and not the Outlook groups which nobody will see?


I don't even think the Outlook groups conversation works. I posted a message to a group there and I can't even access that group conversation again unless I specifically go through Planner to get to it, which means it's essentially hidden.


Please bring conversations into Planner itself or link it to a teams channel to stop the confusion.

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Well, Office 365 Groups is the foundation for Planner and Teams so is not an old product...Office 365 Groups provides the membership part for Outlook Groups, Planner and Microsoft regards of how Planner deal with Task comments, they are currennlty posted to the underlying Group inbox and it has been that way since Planner debuted some years ago

Yes but Outlook groups don't work properly. Planner takes you to Outlook groups in Outlook Online and for some reason they do not sync correctly with Outlook 2016. It's like having the conversation in a hidden location, even if you're in the planner you wouldn't know someone had made a comment unless you went looking. And why on earth if you're commenting on an item within planner would you be taken to Outlook to do so and with no link back to the planner item? It defeats the whole point as you may as well have sent an email in the first place AND people would actually see it!