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Hi Planner Team,
We have noticed that the following are the known limitations in Planner.
- 250 assigned tasks per user irrespective of plans
- 1500 tasks can be created by an user irrespective of plans

- 250 Active tasks (Not Started, In Progress) per plan [Updated 18 Aug 2017]

If an user need to overcome 250 assigned tasks limitation he has to unassign the tasks assigned to him.  The worst part to overcome 1500 created tasks limitation is to delete the tasks created by him.
These limitations seems to limit the planner usage. For the long term plans, users will get 250 tasks assigned and 1500 tasks created in a short span of time. Also these limitations are not well documented and this made us to fear about the hidden unknown limitations.
So in order to ease the Planner adoption we request you to declare the limitations and see the possibility to increase these limits. This will only help the organizations to adopt for Planner easily.  We have two clients of us who are worst affected by these limitations and reconsidering the usage of planner now.

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+1000 to your comments and pains Santhosh
Add another +1000 to that. We are experiencing pretty wide spread adoption of Groups and Planner is one of the big selling features.

I am just sitting back in worry for when we start to hit those walls....

We are in the same boat, company investigating tools like Trello that can scale to meet larger enterprise needs

This needs to be resolved immediately.

The work to extend/erase limits is in process - I appreciate you raising the issue!

I have this problem too, except it seems like after about 100 tasks in the same bucket, when I added new tasks, then the old tasks are deleted without warning. I just went back to look, and my old tasks were gone.

Hi @Wietze de Vries, The Planner web UI has the limitation to display 100 tasks per bucket. When it crosses this limit tasks will be hidden and not deleted. When you complete / delete some of the tasks you will notice that the hidden tasks will start appear.

Santhosh, many thanks for clearing this up!  I was afraid that I had lost my work.  I'll create a 2nd bucket as a workaround.

Does anyone know if "Completed" tasks still count against the 250/1500 task limits?

Hi, The completed tasks will still be counted against the quota if that is assigned to you in case you fall under 250 assigned tasks per user limit. In case you fall under 1500 created tasks limit, then you need to delete some tasks that are created by you. 

As per the limitation, what i understand is "i cannot assign more than 250 tasks per user but i can create upto 1500 tasks and assign it different users not exceeding 250/user" righ..?

Yes, you are correct.

But, i was unable to create more then 250 tasks, and giving me an error...


Error is : we could not compleate your request because your item or storage limit has been exceeded..


Let me explain my Planner details:


I have created a planner with the name enablement, i have created around 15 buckets(courses in my case) in that planner and invited 80 people. now i want to create multiple tasks under each and every bucket and assign it to different users..


It will be greatful, If you can help me...

Yes, we have receive dthe same issue with multiple customers. They are unable to create more than 250 tasks per plan. This is really a painul limitation and many O365 Planner customers are affected because of this. 

Is it a limitation of the product or only some people (O365 Customers) are facing the issue?


If it an issue, when can we expect the solution for the same. But if it is a limitation of the product there is no point of using it..

This limitation allows you have 250 active tasks (Not Started, In Progress) per plan. When some tasks gets completed you can add few more. There is no confirmation from MSFT on this limitation. But we have customers of us affected by this.

Thanks for your quick response...

These limitations have absolutely killed our roll-out of Planner. We manually migrated from Trello. At the time none of these limitations were clear. Now we are stuck with an unusable product as we have already hit limits. Without the ability to move tasks between plans, we can't even put a workaround in place at the level of detail we are working to. Please Microsoft, please, please up these limits!

When do you expect these limits to be eliminated/increased?

I've not spotted anything, but was there any mention of these limitations (and future improvements) at Ignite?

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@Santhosh Balakrishnan These numbers are way out of date.  Please ignore.

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