Planner Dashboards (Cross Planners, AD Direct Reports, Etc.)

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What - if any - rollup capabilities do the planner dashboards have? I'm looking specifically to Planner as a solution for a central, simple, unified task management platform. However, my reporting needs would include:

  • Roll-up of multiple planners into one view for a user (Similar to what the old MySite task rollup allowed)
  • Roll-up of multiple planners into one view for a project manager, admin, etc.
  • Ability to view a team's tasks...for instance based on AD manager
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There is a view in the Planner home page for a user to see a summery of assigned to me tasks and ability to pin plans to see a summary.
If you want to show the data somewhere else, use This will let you retrieve the current user tasks, if you need to query others, you may need to register an Azure App to give permissions to query the graph data for users across the organization

Thanks, Alan! I had a feeling that we could use the graph to produce just about anything we would need. A PowerBI dashboard containing everything would be awesome. We're just starting to explore our options and are not yet 365 subscribers so I can't just go try things out for myself.


I appreciate your response.

We had a similar request from our leadership recently and spent some time exploring various ways to make this work using Planner. Our comparison was using VSTS which has much of this capability already built in, but can be a bit disjointed. Microsoft Teams happened to land right around the same time which did offer good integration with VSTS, so we went that route instead of trying to custom dev around all the current shortcomings of Planner for anything more than very simple one team only task management.

Hi @Jason E. Heiser, as @Alan Marshall mentioned, you can use the graph APIs for this. Or as an alternate you can use Apps4.Pro Planner Manager which does all the reporting you have quoted.

Yes - thanks, @Santhosh Balakrishnan , your tool is definitely high on my list.

@Jason E. Heiser You're probably better looking at the more comprehensive planning capabilities of Azure Boards - which definitely allow you do way more at that Project Management level.


Here is a bit about Teams integration with Azure Boards: