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For the last week or so, I've been working inside a plan when all of a sudden, I get a message that says "The plan is no loner available.  It looks like someone removed the list from the channel, so we'll remove it here too."  


Noone is removing anything though.  After you exit the message, the plan disappears and re-appears about 10 minutes later.  I noticed that if I go into Groups, and click on the group for the plan that disappeared, the plan re-appears faster.  Is this a bug?  We've been using Planner for over a year now and this has never happened to us.  We've got tons of information in our plans and if something disappears and doesn't come back, it will cause significant issues for our team.  



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We are having the same issue.

@csalegio I keep experiencing the same issue, very frustrating! Did you manage to find a fix for this?

@fionalouise no, not yet.  It's actually happening more often now, especially when I first log in.  

I've seen the same issue with two users in one of our client organizations. Seems to be a bug...@csalegio 

We are having the same issue with several users using this app. Has anyone tried to uninstall and re-install the app from Teams? I am afraid it will lose data. Planner online is working properly but its just the app on Teams is the one having the issue.

Found the fix 


How to access the Plan in Teams if it is no longer showing up in Teams.


Step 1 - Open Planner in web


Step 2 - Click on the Plan name from the navigation pane on the left side


Step 3 - Click on "Open in Microsoft Teams" from the top bar on the right side


Once the above steps are followed, you should be able see your Plan in Teams