New Task Assignment Notifications in GCC

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Can we get a task asigned to you notification in Planner in GCC?  Still waiting.  Rather useless to assign a task to someone and them not be notified. It's killing adoption of the solution.

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I feel your pain.

@ScottBrewster At least we get a "notification" in Teams now.  Still no email but also still not truly functional for GCC clients.  What the heck, still waiting for Microsoft Search to so...

I'm kind of torn. I personally don't like the notifications in my emails, because it becomes junk mail after the first dozen notifications in a morning. Even notifications in Teams just doesn't give me the info I'd like. If one of the views in my plans could be just a filter on changes in the last 24 hours and 72 hours, I would provide sexual favors for the person who could make that happen. I briefly see 26 items updated. I click off and poof. I can't see it again.

@ScottBrewster :xd:  I know what you mean.  We've got people freaked out about clicking on anything that has a link in an email. Our AvePoint governance tasks also go un-resolved.

@melkinsco I know a guy. I'll send him a link to this.

@ScottBrewster - thanks for reaching out my dude.


@melkinsco - a bummer to hear about the AvePoint tasks. I spoke to your AE today; he and your CSM are already brainstorming on some Change Management things to support. Feel free to reach out any time if you want to brainstorm the problem.

Thanks gents! On the AvePoint tasks, we're pushing folks to MyHub in Teams. We've also done some education around the messages they get in their emails too. The MyHub interface is excellent and we've been working with the account team on improvements. Pretty regular communication on that front. Much appreciated!