MS Planner & MS To Do

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Just a thought!


Could the following teams start to talk to each other?


MS Planner, MS To Do and Outlook Customer Manager


1st Thought:


Use/enable MS Planner to sync with MS To Do

- subtasks would need to work on MS TO Do

- sharing and delegating tasks would need to be enabled on MS To Do


2nd Thought:


If all the task services are combined into one mobile app, be able to identify the source list the tasks belongs to


3rd Thought


How can tasks from Outlook Customer Manager work with Planner or sync with Planner?


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These are good ideas, and make sense to me - but I don't make the product. :)
I would suggest putting these suggestions into the UserVoice sites of the respective products.

Agreed.  One would think that these products would work together.  It would be great if they would just interface with Tasks in Outlook (2 way connection).



I think I have added request to user voice.



I do think Microsoft has an issue where many of the dev teams do not communicate with each other.


I think the MS To Do Dev team is the old Wunderlist Team, Planner dev team is a different team, OCM tasks also sync to MS To Do (one way I think).


It looks like to me that any tasks in Outlook 2016 sync to MS To Do.


In my case, I have 3 task lists:


  • Outlook Customer Manager
  • MS Planner
  • MS To Do