Merging two Plans into one

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HI all - I am using Tasks (planner) in Teams and trying to merge two plans into one central plan. 

Both plans are in the same Team, but we need to marge them into one Plan. 

Thank you!

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Hi @NicoleNaviglia

There is no option to merge two plans in Planner.
But you can copy or move the tasks one by one from one plan to the other one:

Copy and move Planner tasks - Office 365 (


Hope this helps and merry Christmas.

@NicoleNaviglia You need to select the tasks one by one and move it to different plan. Else use third party app to do this easily. 

Hello @NicoleNaviglia , I created a tutorial on how to transfer/merge tasks and buckets to other plans. The tutorial is in Portuguese but I have provided the link to download the example.